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Date Research House Highlights
19 Nov 2018 MIDF Research Riding on the consolidation wave
15 Nov 2018 MIDF Research Recovery takes longer than expected
14 Nov 2018 CGS-CIMB Securities Takeover offer from Scientex
23 Oct 2018 MIDF Research Expanding offerings
17 Aug 2018 UOB KayHian 2Q18: Earnings Momentum Capped By Higher Raw Material Costs
17 Aug 2018 MIDF Research Affected by high raw material costs
17 Aug 2018 CIMB Research 2Q hit by forex losses
16 May 2018 MIDF Research Second half could be stronger
15 May 2018 MIDF Research Largely in-line
15 May 2018 UOB KayHian 1Q18: Higher Raw Material Costs Dragged Earnings
15 May 2018 CIMB Research 1Q18: Hit by high raw material costs
14 May 2018 CIMB Research 1Q18: Hit by higher raw material prices
6 Feb 2018 MIDF Research Growth driven by Malaysia and Myanmar plants
6 Feb 2018 UOB KayHian 4Q17: Myanmar Venture Contributes To Record Earnings
5 Feb 2018 CIMB Research Growth from Myanmar
22 Nov 2017 MIDF Research Brighter FY18 prospects
21 Nov 2017 CIMB Research Growth from domestic and Myanmar operations
21 Nov 2017 MIDF Research Maiden contribution from Myanmar
21 Nov 2017 UOB KayHian 3Q17: Results Lifted By Myanmar JV
11 Aug 2017 MIDF Research Prospects for 2HFY17 to remain intact
10 Aug 2017 MIDF Research 2Q earnings drag from export sales
10 Aug 2017 UOB KayHian 2Q17: Contribution From Myanmar JV In 2H17; Valuations Still Lofty
9 Aug 2017 CIMB Research 2Q17: Export revenue was hit
8 May 2017 MIDF Research Indonesia and Myanmar to drive growth
7 May 2017 CIMB Research Growth to come from Myanmar
5 May 2017 UOB KayHian 1Q17: Looking To A Better 2H17
4 May 2017 MIDF Research Green light from Myanmar authority
27 Feb 2017 MIDF Research Higher Operating Costs a Drag on FY16 Earnings
27 Feb 2017 UOB KayHian 4Q16: Looking To A Better 2017
11 Nov 2016 MIDF Research Expansion expected to reduce cost going forward
11 Aug 2016 UOB Kay Hian 2Q16: Yet Another Sluggish Quarter
11 Aug 2016 RHB Research Wary On Sluggish Domestic Sales And Cost Pressure
11 Aug 2016 MIDF Research Earnings affected by rising operating costs
11 Aug 2016 CIMB Research All about cost
11 Aug 2016 CIMB Research 2Q16 results: Hit by cost pressures
9 May 2016 UOB Kay Hian 1Q16: A Sluggish Start To The Year
6 May 2016 MIDF Research Increasing capacity to cater for further growth
5 May 2016 MIDF Research Earnings improvement from export markets
4 May 2016 CIMB Research No surprises in 1Q16 results
24 Feb 2016 CIMB Research Domestic sales recovering?
23 Feb 2016 UOB Kay Hian 4Q15: A Subdued End To The Year
23 Feb 2016 RHB Research Domestic Sales May Continue To Bite
18 Nov 2015 CIMB Research The worst is over?
18 Nov 2015 RHB Research Earnings Slippage
17 Nov 2015 CIMB Research A little too stretched
14 Aug 2015 RHB Research Results In Line But Rich In Valuations
13 Aug 2015 UOB Kay Hian 2Q15: Export-Led Margin Expansion
13 Aug 2015 MIDF Research Top line driven by higher export sales
12 Aug 2015 CIMB Research Packed for exports
8 May 2015 RHB Research Slow Start To The Year
8 May 2015 MIDF Research Local sales exceeded export sales
7 May 2015 CIMB Research Weak export revenue
13 Feb 2015 RHB Research Earnings Likely To Gain Traction In 2015
12 Feb 2015 CIMB Research Profit margin recovery
11 Feb 2015 CIMB Research A better year ahead
24 Oct 2014 RHB Research Looking Towards a Better 2015
23 Oct 2014 RHB Research Earnings slip yet again
23 Oct 2014 MIDF Research Expecting better 4QFY14 with e-savers in place
23 Oct 2014 CIMB Research Signs of recovery
22 Oct 2014 CIMB Research F&B gets a bad wrap
30 July 2014 SJ Securities Challenging Time Ahead
25 July 2014 MIDF Research An interesting year ahead, 2015
25 July 2014 CIMB Research Stable raw material prices
25 July 2014 RHB Research Fundamentals Firmly Intact
24 July 2014 MIDF Research Strong topline growth from MNC clients
24 July 2014 CIMB Research Signs of stable costs
14 May 2014 MIDF Research Lowest earnings margin for the past two years
14 May 2014 CIMB Research Feeling the Squeeze
14 May 2014 RHB Research A Subdued Start
25 Feb 2014 SJ Securities Another Record Year Ahead?
24 Feb 2014 CIMB Research Exports Is Its Next Growth
24 Feb 2014 MIDF Research Approaching 2014 Cautiously
24 Feb 2014 RHB Research Solid Earnings Entail Good Prospects
21 Feb 2014 MIDF Research Double-digit Growth Supported By Higher Sales
23 Nov 2013 MIDF Research Initiating Coverage: A Trusted Wrap
11 Nov 2013 SJ Securities Record High Quarterly Result
07 Nov 2013 CIMB Research Hitting its sweet spot
07 Nov 2013 RHB Research Decent 3Q13 Numbers
26 Feb 2013 CIMB Research Starting the year with a Big Bang
26 Feb 2013 RHB Research New Plant for Higher Export Sales

Analyst Report Archives (2009 – 2012)

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